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Dinner by candlelight and a beautiful bouquet. Make a pre-order and buy flowers!Look for them in the "snacks" section. A favorite French dish in the ninja's master interpretation.
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+7 (499) 673-23-22
Checkout: +7 (499) 673-23-22 from 11:00 to 22:45
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For customers

Our sushi is the most delicious in the city. We prepare them with the freshest products and observe complete cleanliness in the kitchen. See what is included in your roll:
Fresh made
We guarantee freshness of products and do not use frozen fish
Chef recipes
We offer both classic sushi and original recipes from the chef
Quality ingredients
We do not use flavor enhancers. All products are purchased from trusted suppliers
Clean kitchen
The whole cooking process takes place in accordance with all sanitary standards
Cream cheese
Cream cheese melts in the mouth and adds a soft creamy aftertaste to the rolls. The cook uses a slightly hard, pasty cream cheese. Such cheese does not take over the taste of the remaining ingredients.
Ripe avocado
We use only ripe avocados, so in our rolls the avocado is soft and tender. The texture of the avocado resembles homemade butter, fragrant and slightly melted.
Premium rice «Calrose»
We use premium round-grain rice, the grains of which become soft but do not fall apart. This variety is popular in Japanese restaurants due to its taste that blends perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.
Fresh salmon
We guarantee freshness of salmon and do not use frozen fish Our principle is not to save on salmon, the portion size will pleasantly surprise you.
Japanese Masago caviar
Our caviar has a pleasant aroma with a hint of sea wave. It is not very sticky and not watery in structure, without an astringent taste. No eggs are frozen repeatedly.
We get nori from a trusted Chinese supplier The nori sheets used by us are thin and elastic, due to which they perfectly fasten the cooked roll.

Ninja Sushi Codex

Do not save on roll volume
Do not leave the dog and cat hungry
Deliver the order on time and without stress for the customer
Follow the traditions of Japanese cuisine