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Dinner by candlelight and a beautiful bouquet. Make a pre-order and buy flowers!
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+7 (499) 673-23-22
Checkout: +7 (499) 673-23-22 from 11:00 to 22:45
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Now premium sushi can be ordered not only in a Japanese restaurant, but also at home and in the office. A ninja courier will deliver the order on time and will not leave your pet hungry.

We deliver quickly and without stress to the customer

Steel discipline
We bring gifts to pets
We protect the sleep of women and children

1. How to make an order

By phone
In app
Ninja chatbot (coming soon)

2. Payment

Cash to courier
Online payment

3. How to receive the order

Courier delivery
Pre-order for a specified time

We are such stern ninjas, that if:

The courier is late
The cook put the wrong order
You didn`t like it
Then we will commit seppuku to the manager and the courier.

Delivery zone

Currently, delivery is carried out in the zone highlighted in color, but we are ready to make concessions for large orders. Check with the manager for details.